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15 things to do before baby arrives

The countdown is officially on. And the things-to-do-before-baby-comes checklist has officially landed on your kitchen counter, ready to be tackled. So, what’s on the agenda?

Cherish those final days with bub in your belly with these 15 must-do activities for every first-time mum.

The practical preparations

  1. Get packing.

If you haven’t packed your labour bag yet, now’s the time to do it. Have a look at our article on what to pack for labour for ideas on what to bring.

  1. Add a mattress protector to the bed.

It’s the law of water breaking – the day you forget to put the protector on is the day your waters will break all over your freshly made bed. Add a towel to the front seat of your car too, just in case.

  1. Invest in a carpet clean.

You’re heavily pregnant. And that’s a pretty darn good excuse why you SHOULD NOT steam clean the carpets yourself but hire someone to do it while you sit with your feet up on the lounge.

It’s not necessary to have your carpets cleaned before bub comes but it can make the house feel a lot cleaner and get rid of the excess dirt and dust that lives on your floors.

  1. Do a bulk cook.

Prepare a few freezer meals so you have something quick and easy to throw together on those evenings when your partner is working late and bubby just won’t settle anywhere but on your chest.

  1. Set up newborn stations around the house.

What is a newborn station? It’s an assortment of things you are going to need when feeding or holding bub including a spit-up towel, a package of wipes, a bottle of water for you and anything else you will want to be within arm’s reach when cuddling with your newborn.

  1. Sort out the paperwork.

Having a baby means taking a trip to Centrelink. It also means filing out the paperwork to register bub’s birth. Get a head start on the tasks by picking up the paperwork early and filing out what you can.

The frivolous fun 

  1. Get pampered.

You officially cannot reach your toes which means you qualify for a professional pedicure. And a manicure. And a haircut. And a wax. And a massage.

  1. Enjoy a dinner out.

And stay out past 8 pm.

  1. Take a video of your baby kicking and your belly moving.

If you haven’t done so already, now’s the time to do it. Why? Because one day you will remember those little kicks and miss them. The heartburn, the cankles, the need to pee every ten minutes – these things you probably won’t miss. But those baby kicks…

  1. Paint your bump.

Another fun way to commemorate your bump is to give it a paint job. There are plenty of artists that specialise in belly art and can transform your bump into a work of art. The experience is quite relaxing and each session includes a photo shoot so you always have a beautiful reminder of your belly, even after a shower.

  1. Pose for a maternity photo shoot.

While you’re posing for photos, you might as well strip down and showcase your bump in a maternity shoot too. Whether you want to jump on the latest trend train and try a maternity milk bath or prefer to stick to something a little less messy, a photo session is a great way to celebrate the last leg of pregnancy and bid your baby bump farewell.

The “things to-do-now” because it will be the last time you get to in a while

  1. Leave the house without a bag.

Just your keys, your wallet and your phone. You can carry them all in one hand! And without the need to load up the car with a mountain of newborn necessities.

  1. Indulge in the world’s longest shower.

And enjoy the warmth of the shower without the worry that your little one has woken up as you lather up.

  1. Drink hot tea. Out of a ceramic mug.

Because you may not be game to balance hot liquids in a breakable mug with a newborn in your arms.

  1. Do absolutely nothing.

Put down the phone, the TV remote, the tablet, the paper and pen… just lie there and let your body relax and your mind rest. This is by far the best thing you can do to prepare for the journey through labour, delivery and new mummyhood.

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