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17 reasons why toddlers should rule the world

It might be our job as parents to teach our toddlers the ways of the world, but in between the life lessons, you may be surprised just how much our toddlers can teach us. In fact, toddlers are wise well beyond their years and exhibit a number of skills that even adults strive to master.

We at Red Nose Baby Wipes know just how demanding toddlers can be. Here are 17 truths about toddlers that prove they are the perfect candidates for world domination.

  1. They are little balls of energy.

And they don’t require 15 cups of coffee during the day to keep the stamina up. Amazing.

  1. They are always up for a challenge.

No kitchen cupboard is too tall to scale, no muddy puddle is too dirty to jump in and no weird looking bug in the backyard is too disgusting to taste. You have to give them credit for their courage!

  1. They aren’t afraid to voice their opinions (and show their emotions).

Toddlers tell it like it is. And when they aren’t happy, they are not afraid to show it. No filter required.

  1. They see the funny side of things.

Life is better when you’re laughing. And toddlers have this figured out. Anything can be funny in the eyes of a toddler, from a goofy face to a silly dance. This laughter is not only endearing, but also infectious. You can’t help but smile when spending time with a giggling tot.

  1. They command attention.

Only a great leader has the ability to captivate an entire room with his presence. Or a toddler, who can easily attract an entire store of shoppers with his tantrum.

  1. They can rip an entire house apart in the three minutes it takes to put the washing out.

If that’s not a superpower, then we don’t know what is!

  1. They realise that cleanliness is overrated.

The more mess, the better. Toddlers don’t care if the house is covered in toys, craft supplies and dirty washing. Toddler seem to grasp the complex notion that, sometimes making memories is more important than making the beds.

  1. They are masters at hide n’ seek.

Well, seek at least. Toddlers have an uncanny ability to find hidden treats in the pantry, bags of baby toys they haven’t touched in months that you were planning to donate and even pieces of ‘art’ (bits of sticky tape glued to a paper plate) that you ‘accidentally’ binned.

  1. They appreciate the importance of a well-presented meal.

Pasta that has even a speck of pepper (or god forbid, something green) on it will not be accepted. Nor will any sandwich that is not shaped like a heart. If you’re thinking about applying for Masterchef, then feed a toddler first. It is the ultimate lesson in food presentation.

  1. They have impeccable timing.

Timing is everything. And toddlers have this art down to a tee. Just think about how many times your toddler has decided to poo the second you strap him into his car seat or has announced he is hungry the moment you sit down on the couch.

  1. They remember EVERYTHING.

Like the names of every single Disney princess ever created. Or the ice cream you promised at 6 am, while half asleep and hoping your little one would let you lie in peace for another 5 minutes.

  1. They are already experts in technology.

Only a toddler possesses the skills to unlock your phone, pull up YouTube and find the latest Peppa Pig episodes in a matter of seconds.

  1. They appreciate the importance of slowing down.

It’s something that most adults struggle with – the importance of being present and stopping to smell the roses every once in a while. Toddlers are happy to live in the moment. And we love them for this.

  1. They are masters in persuasion.

Toddlers know what they want (and how to get it). Sure, they may not be able to string a full sentence together just yet, but somehow they have the ability to communicate what they want loud and clear.

  1. They have night-time skills equivalent to a ninja.

During the night, a toddler’s tunnel vision comes into effect and he is easily able to navigate through a dark hallway, into your bedroom and onto your bed without you realising it. It’s only when he flops his little body across your chest that you probably notice he’s there.

  1. They dress for themselves, not the current fashion trends.

Toddlers really don’t give a stuff what colours are in season. Or what season it is for that matter. If they want to wear their togs…in winter, then that’s what they are going to wear. If they happen to be two sizes too small, then so be it.

  1. They have an endless amount of enthusiasm.

The world is always brighter when in the presence of a toddler. And more exciting. There are always new things to try, new places to discover and new messes to make. We parents are the lucky ones that get to accompany our little explorers on every adventure (and clean up afterwards).

So, to all the magnificent Red Nose Baby Wipes mummies raising strong-willed toddlers, we salute you. It takes a truck load of patience, persistence and perseverance to raise the next generation of great leaders. And you’re doing an awesome job.

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