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8 things all pregnant mums need during the last trimester (none of which cost a cent)

As you due date approaches, you are probably noticing that you are in need of an assortment of new items: clothing to cater to your growing belly and breasts; baby equipment to add to your car and house; maternity pillows, wraps and straps to keep you comfortable during this final countdown.

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Preparing for the final trimester and the first year with baby can be expensive, but the good news is that there are several items that every mum-to-be should indulge in that don’t cost a thing – items you can download, you can make yourself or you already have laying around the house.

What are these must-have maternity items that can make the bumps in the third trimester a lot smoother? We’re so glad you asked…

A homemade sign that says, “No, it’s not twins.”

Bring this sign with you everywhere you go during the third trimester. Hopefully it will prevent people from stopping to ask you about your uterus.

You may want to make your sign customisable, so you can change the message depending on your situation. Some other slogans to consider: “Baby’s name and gender is under strict confidentiality. “ “Yes, this was planned.”  Or how about, “I am not a balloon. I do not ‘pop’”?

Warm water

Warm water is the best thing to ever happen to pregnant women. Why? Because it can soothe a number of aches and pains you may experience during the final countdown. A warm bath or even a warm compress or hot towel on the offending body part can bring you hours (okay, probably just minutes) of relief.

And that ‘just sliding out of a bubble bath’ feeling is especially awesome after a long day of carrying a nearly-grown newborn around inside you.

An object picker-upper

The official name is The Claw and it’s a kids’ toy but we will just ignore that minor detail. Essentially, what this plastic device does is grip items that are out of arm’s reach, perfect for pregnant mummas who cannot see their feet, let alone grab their keys which have accidentally fallen on the floor.

It will set you back around $6.00 (so technically not free), but you may be able to convince your niece or nephew to let you borrow his or hers for a few weeks.

A bell

Preferably one that also comes with a whistle, so you can easily communicate with your husband from the couch, without having to get up. Just ring the bell or blow the whistle to let him know that his assistance is required.

You can even set up your very own communication system. One blow means ‘bring food’. Two blows mean ‘bring water’. Three blows mean ‘bring me anything that has chocolate in it’.

Washable non-toxic paint

Painting is a proven method to relieve stress and reduce anxiety.  Why not clear your mind, release your creativity and beautify your bump by using your belly as a canvas?  Paint a vibrant landscape, draw a funny face using your belly button as the nose or scribble out bub’s name in large bubble letters and fill them in with different patterns.

A colouring-in book and a package of markers would probably be useful too.

A towel

You really never know when your waters may break. It could be before the official start to labour. It could be during. It could be not at all. Or, if could be all over your brand spankin’ new car seat covers. A towel can keep things like seats (and bed mattresses) protected and save you from a big clean-up job awaiting your arrival home from the hospital.

A timer

Many mums-to-be like to time their first contractions to see if they develop into anything regular that may indicate early labour. A timer is perfect for that and can also give you something to focus on.

It can also be used to keep track of how many minutes you can go between each pee break.

An auto-responder on your phone

Most smart phones allow you to customise your auto respond text messages. When you near your due date (and then go past it because babies like to overstay their welcome), set one up that says, “No, I am not in labour. I am on the lounge.”

This should make it a little easier to answer all those SMS’s that come though asking if you’re still pregnant, if you’re in labour or if you’ve had the baby yet.

Other things you need in your life right now? The remote control (and access to Netflix), a box of tissues (because your hormones make pretty much every movie, even a comedy, a tear-jerker) and your favourite baby store app (because browsing, and buying, baby items is always a fun way to pass the time).

Now that you’re ready to take on the final trimester, make sure you also stock up on your newborn needs. Aussie made Red Nose Baby wipes are a great addition to your pre-baby shopping list. As a portion of every purchase goes to Red Nose Day charity, you can feel good knowing that you are helping to raise much needed funds for this important charity while keeping your little one clean and comfortable.

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