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Are these the SIDS wipes? Yes. SIDS and Kids changed its name to Red Nose in 2016, so the wipes are now simply called Red Nose Baby Wipes.

How much is donated to Red Nose? Five percent of sales are donated to Red Nose charity (formerly known as SIDS and Kids) to fund SIDS research. When you choose Red Nose Baby Wipes you are helping to save little lives.

Where do I find the ingredients? For a full list of ingredients click on the ingredients tabs on each product.

Where can I find the MSDS? Please email us at [email protected] for a copy of the Material Data Safety Sheet for any product on our website.

Are they flushable? Baby wipes are not flushable. Please dispose of them with the general rubbish. If you are looking for a flushable wipe please check out our Flushable Toddler & Family Wipes.

What is the fabric made from? It is a special Viscose/Poly blend which makes them very soft and also very strong so they won’t tear like other wipes, and no fingers poking through when changing Number Two’s! The Viscose is from sustainable forests so you can feel good about protecting your children’s planet from deforestation.

Are they safe to use on newborns? Yes our wipes are recommended from birth onwards as they are made from an extremely gentle and premium formula. Midwives love our wipes and regularly hand them out in maternity wards to new mums.

Do your baby wipes contain MI (Methylisothiazolinone)? No.

Do your wipes contain Alcohol? No.

Do your wipes contain Soap? No.

Do your wipes contain Parabens? No.

Are your wipes natural? They are made from 99% water, and contain natural ingredients such as Aloe, Cucumber extract, Vitamin E, Chamomile PLUS an ultra-gentle and premium formula which is designed to cleanse and hydrate sensitive skin.

Are they tested on animals? We are against animal testing. Red Nose Baby Wipes are only tested on (adult) humans.

What is the use by date? Two and a half years from date of purchase as long as you keep them sealed and in a cupboard away from light and heat. Because the wipes are made in Australia and haven’t traveled long distances overseas they are super fresh! Storage in a hot room, garage or car in the sun can shorten the lifespan so we recommend a cool dark place for storage.

Can I try a sample? Yes you may request a sample via our request a sample page.

Where are they made? Red Nose Baby Wipes are made by Aussie Wipes in a state of the art facility in Bayswater Victoria in Australia so you can feel great knowing they are pure and very high quality.

Where can I buy them? You will find us here online as well as Chemist Warehouse and Big W.

Can I use Red Nose Baby Wipes on my baby’s face and hands? YES they are designed to be used on any external part of the body, perfectly suited to nappy changes as well as face and hands.

Can I use Red Nose Baby Wipes on my baby’s bottom? YES they are designed for nappy changes as well as any other external part of the body.