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How to get through the very toughest days of pregnancy

There are so many magical moments in pregnancy – seeing that positive on your pregnancy test, feeling those first flutters from within and buying ALL THE BABY things (and on sale). But then there are some days when everything isn’t as rosy, when you may need a little more motivation and encouragement to get through the day (and wine is off the table).

Here are a few things to keep in mind on those toughest days of pregnancy when the hormones get the better of you.

On those days when you feel like something will go wrong

Pregnancy can be riddled with anxiety, especially during the first trimester. If you have had a loss in the past, then it can be near impossible to push past the fear that it could happen again. Every niggle, every cramp, every time you go to the toilet, you may feel like the worst is about to happen.

How do you stop these thoughts? You argue with yourself. You remind yourself that it is not something you can control, that one loss doesn’t mean another one is inevitable, that everything is okay.

Sure, you may look like a weirdo talking to yourself in the toilet, but, honestly, you need to send those irrational fears packing. And sometimes talking to yourself is the best way to do it.

Next, focus on the positives and take it one day at a time– your breasts are huge. That’s a good thing. You’re super tired – that’s another good sign. Every morning when you wake up, you are one day closer to that ‘cut off’ first trimester mark. And, hopefully, with every passing day, the anxiety will subside.

On those days when you don’t have the energy to move

Pregnancy is going to suck a lot of strength out of you. You’re pretty much running a marathon each and every day (or that’s what I liked to tell myself anyway). So, cut yourself some slack and sleep. Go to bed at 6 pm. Ask your boss if you can lie down for an hour at lunch. And try not to take on too many engagements, especially at night.

Your energy will hopefully return in the second trimester once the mammoth task of forming the placenta is complete (which occurs in the first 12 weeks). But, until then, push aside the guilt of not being able to clean up from dinner, to meet mates for lunch or to even make the bed in the morning. You’re busy growing a baby. That’s enough.

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On those days when you cannot stomach a single thing

When you constantly feel like you are about to spew, it can be hard to stay positive. Try our three-tiered approach:

  1. Be prepared. Because spew can strike pretty much anytime. Stock your purse with mints (or even a toothbrush), spew bags and a package of wipes to clean up, if you happen to lose your lunch when away from home. Add a few spew bags (and perhaps a towel) to your car, beside your bed and at your office desk.
  2. Eat whatever you can. Experts suggest sticking to bland foods (crackers and bread, for example) as well as garlic, lemon and peppermint tea. These foods may be easier to smell and keep down. But, hey, if all you can stomach is ice cream and chocolate, then eat ice cream and chocolate. It’s okay to step outside the ‘balanced’ diet. Any food is better than no food. And if you cannot stomach anything, head to the next step.
  3. Go to the doctor. They have medications that can help with morning sickness and are safe to take while pregnant. And they work. If you’re really struggling, then ask for help.

On those days when people are driving you CRAZY

Questions. Comments. Advice. When you’re pregnant, you are bound to be hit with all three (plus a few unsuitable bump touches thrown in the mix). The comments are probably made out of genuine concern or desire to help but they can often come out wrong. And it’s natural to get defensive.

The best thing you can do? Smile. nod. Walk away. Or, try and steer the topic away from your birthing plan and onto a more appropriate conversation which doesn’t involve your uterus.

On those days when everything (we mean EVERYTHING) hurts

Your back, neck, shoulders, legs, breasts, pelvis. Even your vagina hurts. The good thing is that there are products designed to help alleviate these pregnancy pains.

Compression garments and support bands can take the pressure off your pelvic region, legs, stomach and back. A warm compress or water bottle can soothe achy (and engorged) breasts and your swollen bits down below. And a nightly massage from your other half never hurts either.

On those days when you doubt your ability to be a good mum  

Sometimes the pressure of pregnancy can get to you. Sometimes you may be left with thoughts that you won’t be a good mum or that you can’t take care of a baby or that you’re not ready for this.

These are all completely normal and natural thoughts to have during pregnancy. You may sometimes feel after bub has arrived. We all have moments in motherhood when we doubt our abilities to parent, when we think we’re screwing everything up, when we want to just hide in the pantry and eat all the kids’ leftover Christmas/Easter/Halloween candy.

But you can do it. You already are. With every passing day of pregnancy you are proving that you have what it takes to be a mum, to keep your baby safe and to provide him with the comfort he needs. Sure, it’s a little trickier once bub is out of the womb but, you’ve got this.

Bad days come and go, in pregnancy and in parenthood. But just remember your pregnancy will be all over all too soon. And you will be left with the very best souvenir (no, not the stretch marks- we’re talking about your baby) to commemorate this special journey in your life.

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